TV Family Comedy

A spunky Indian teenager builds a peace sanctuary between two feuding families, her own Indian family and her boyfriend’s Pakistani family next door to encourage cooperation between them, but her dreams for peace get foiled by the boyfriend’s surly father. 


Oni Pulka Nirmaan is a high school student in Canton, MI.

Her Indian family is feuding with her boyfriend’s Pakistani family next door and it’s ruining their relationship. So, she builds a peace sanctuary between the two houses to encourage cooperation and ethnic understanding.

Oni’s vision for this sanctuary is a safe place where people meet to create an open dialogue about their religious, social and political views. But, this approach further escalates tensions with her over-protective parents.

Her insecure boyfriend.

And the comically crazy antics of her boyfriend’s father. 

Each episode explores how Oni navigates this widening divide of cultures as her character arc transforms her into a peace prize recipient and a motivational speaker for a major auto company.

And launching her own clothing brand.

Oni’s quest to display her inner reflection of high hopes and dreams for her family and the loving support of her boyfriend are the driving forces for this show.

And, at the end of the first season, the reward for the viewer will be more than just laughs. It will reveal how marginalizing people – Indians, Pakistanis, or otherwise – is harmful to us all, and we can strengthen the current state of family in America by treating all people fairly. 

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